Fellowships for postdoctoral scholars in medical science

The Swedish Society for Medical Research (Svenska Sällskapet för Medicinsk Forskning, SSMF) annually announces fellowships for postdoctoral studies in medical science with the objective of gaining merits to establish an independent research line. In addition, half-time fellowships are announced for individuals whose regular position entails full-time clinical duties.

  • Particularly qualified young researchers are given an opportunity to engage in full-time medical research for two years.
  • Fellowships for clinicians support two years of half-time research.

The number of fellowships is not predetermined, but after the most recent call, 19 full-time and 7 half-time fellowships were awarded.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Individuals awarded a doctoral degree in a preclinical or clinical medical discipline or a field closely related to medicine, prior to 31 January 2020, but no more than three years before the application deadline, i.e. no earlier than 15 November 2016, are eligible to apply.
  • This period may be extended by a maximum 24 months for military service, sick leave or parental leave, respectively and with time for AT/ST education. Permission to defend the thesis must have been formally requested, and a copy of that request appended to the application.
  • Well-recognized activity as guest researcher at a Swedish or foreign university is a considered a strong qualification for a fellowship.
  • To be eligible to apply, the applicant must have done research in Sweden for at least two years, and intend to establish research activities in Sweden in the future. The postdoctoral education may be carried out in Sweden or abroad, but preferably not at the institution where the applicant took a doctorate.

The stipend

  • The fellowships, which are personal and tax-free, provide a monthly sum of 25 000 SEK (full-time) or 17 000 SEK (half-time).
  • At the end of the fellowship period, a seed grant of a maximum of 250 000 SEK may be provided.
  • At the end of each fellowship year, research fellows must provide a summary of their research results and scholarly achievements, to be eligible for continued support.
  • The seed grant is paid out upon request, on condition that a final report has been submitted to and approved by SSMF, and that the research fellow is associated with a Swedish educational institution as researcher or equivalent. Financial accounts must be submitted no later than 18 months after the grant has been paid out.
  • Extra support can be provided for the added cost of research stints outside Sweden, according to EMBO standards.
  • Fellowships are intended to begin no earlier than 1 July (the year of the decision) and no later than 30 June the following year. An ongoing fellowship may be interrupted for a total maximum of 12 months.

The application

The application period runs from 15 October to 15 November.

NB! 15 November at 24:00, the system will be closed and applicants will no longer be able to register or make changes.

  • Applications are submitted electronically –> Apply Online
  • The thesis defense protocol or diploma is appended as a pdf to the electronic application.
  • A document from the proposed host institution showing that the fellow will be provided a workplace and the basic equipment required for the proposed research, shall be appended as a pdf to the electronic application.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Fellowship awardees will be notified in writing in April.