Travel grants for doctoral students in preclinical and clinical medical research

The Swedish Society for Medical Research (Svenska Sällskapet för Medicinsk Forskning, SSMF) awards travel grants to doctoral students pursuing preclinical and clinical medical research in Sweden.

  • Registered PhD students who have co-authored and published at least one peer-reviewed article are eligible to apply.
  • Those who already hold a PhD or have not yet been registered as PhD students are not eligible.
  • Travel may begin no earlier than one month after the application deadline.

The SSMF travel grant

The travel grants are intended to cover added personal expenses incurred during a trip to another institute or clinic for studies that will advance the applicant’s own research project. Grants are awarded for travel to learn new techniques, to gather research data, or for similar purposes. A personal invitation from the host institution and a certificate from the applicant’s main supervisor must be appended. The maximum grant is 50 000 SEK and may be awarded at most 3 times.

Travel grants are not awarded for courses, conferences or congresses, for supplies, printing, or other running expenses. No subsistence allowance or meal compensation is awarded during the time away.

The grant is paid out in arrears, no later than one month after the journey, after submission of an expense account including original receipts, and a scientific report of the project.


Application period

Applications may be submitted electronically 4 times per year with deadlines 1 March, 1 June, 1 September and 1 December. The application system opens 2 weeks prior to the deadlines.

Do not forget to append:

  1. A personal invitation from the host institute.
  2. A certificate from the main supervisor.

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Reporting and payment of scholarships

The scholarship is paid in arrears. Upon completion of the trip, the fellow must specify travel expenses and support them by original receipts. In addition, a scientific report for the project should be submitted. After approval of the report, the scholarship is paid to the account specified in the travel expenses form (reseräkningsblankett). Please note that granted scholarship must be claimed no later than one year after the decision date stated in the contract. Instructions HERE.

Travel expenses form