Swedish Society for Medical Research

Swedish Society for Medical Research (SSMF) is a foundation, who with the help of donations is working to support medical research. Queen Silvia is the foundation's patron.

SSMF was founded in 1919 in the Swedish Society of houses next to Clara Church of the leading doctors, professors and entrepreneurs in Sweden, among them Carl Swartz, Ulrik Quensel, Göran Liljestrand, Joseph Nachmanson and Hjalmar Forssner. Aims were partly focuses on supporting medical research, partly to educate the public about this research relevance. Although the intention originally was that the members themselves would cover the Society's expenses with fees, the Society over the years more and more towards these expenses with donations. Jacob Wallenberg was treasurer 1927-1964, and the Wallenberg family has still played an important role in the financing. The current chairman (2016), Mats Ulfendahl, and treasurer Lars Bertmar  (since 2009).


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