About the grant

The purpose of the grant is to give prominent researchers in medicine the opportunity to strengthen their position as independent researchers.

SSMF Consolidator Grant is applied for by an individual researcher employed at a Swedish university. If a grant is awarded, the recipient must be employed by the grant manager when the grant period begins and throughout the grant period. The employment must cover at least 50 percent of a full-time employment. Applicants do not have to be employed by the grant manager at the time of application.

The grant can be used for research in all medical fields. SSMF supports basic research as well as applied research.

The total grant amount is SEK 11,000,000 including indirect costs. The grant period is five years and the disposition period for the grant is six years. Awarded grants are commenced on January 1 the year following the application.

Only Swedish universities and colleges can be specified as grant managers in the application.

Before the call opens, be sure to discuss the terms and budget details with your intended grant manager to ensure that you have long-term support for your research.

Application period

Applications for the SSMF consolidator grant is open March 15 – April 15. Please note that the application system closes on April 15 at 23.59 and it is not possible to register an application or make changes to existing applications after that.

The application is made electronically. Please note that the last day for signing for applicants is April 15 at 23.59 and that the application must then already be signed by the head of department in order to be submitted. Link to the application system can be found further down on this page.


To be eligible to apply for the SSMF consolidator grant, your doctoral degree must be awarded at least 7 years and no more than 12 years before the end of the application period. Deductible time can be accepted with a total of 24 months for sick and parental leave, AT/ST service and military service. Please note that the person who has been granted a consolidator grant from another national (e.g. VR) or international funding body (e.g. ERC) is not eligible for the SSMF Consolidator Grant. However, consolidator grants that mainly cover the applicant’s salary (e.g. local consolidators such as KI consolidator, the Cancer Foundation’s 6-year senior investigator grant) and smaller grants intended for the target group 7-12 years after dissertation can be accepted.

Amount of the grant and its terms and conditions

The grant amount is a standard of SEK 2,200,000 per year, including indirect costs. The grant may be used for all types of project-related costs within the framework of the regulations that apply to the grant manager. SSMF assumes that the grant manager, as the responsible employer, covers any costs in addition to the grant.

Two years after the start of the grant period, the grant recipient must submit a mandatory report. The report shall focus on the scientific progress that the grant has made possible, how the researcher’s activities have developed as well as expected results during the remainder of the grant period. The report must be approved by assessors appointed by SSMF in order for the remaining funds to be made accessible.

Financial reports of the grant must be submitted annually in January.

Review process

After submission of the application to SSMF, a first ranking is done by the respective medical faculty, after which the SSMF Review Board identifies the most qualified applicants in a second round of review. Innovation, the scientific quality of the project, the applicant’s skills and the practicability of the project are taken into consideration when assessing the applications. The different categories are graded on the basis of a 5-point scale: 1 not sufficient, 2 adequate, 3 good, 4 very good and 5 excellent.

In addition to expert reviews of submitted applications, the most highly-qualified applicants will be called for a personal interview with the SSMF Review Board. The purpose of the interview is to improve the selection process to identify the most suitable candidates. Six to eight applicants for each grant type are called for an interview, which includes a presentation by the applicant followed by a discussion. Participation in the interview is mandatory and the costs associated with the interview are covered by SSMF.

The applicants who have qualified for interviews are called in the beginning of September and interviews are conducted in the middle of September in Stockholm. Final decisions on the award of grants will be announced by e-mail in October.

Submitting your application

Application is made electronically and must be written in English. The application is signed digitally with BankID by both the head of department and the applicant in the system. Applicants are the last to sign the application when it is submitted. Please note that if you change the application after it has been signed by the head of department, this means that you must send a new request for signature to your head of department.

The following documents should be attached to the application as PDFs:

  • Research proposal. It must consist of a maximum of 8 page-numbered A4 pages in Arial, font size 11, with single line spacing and 2.5 cm margins, references and any illustrations included.
  • The protocol from the defence of the thesis or the degree diploma.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.